Things I Currently Want

I’ve abandoned my blog for a while now.. I dug in my long list of drafts and found a post about things that I wanted back in 2009. So I thought why not finish this and update it with the things that I want now. Then I realized an interesting thing about that list (more about that later) and I decide to write a new list from scratch.

Here is the things that I want (not in any particular order) and why:

  1. Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro
    My desktop computer in Jakarta will be 9 years old this July. (Can you believe it?!) It is my first and only computer I have ever had so far and it already amazed me that it is still running after all this years. Now I work in Kuala Lumpur I use my office laptop all the time and only use that old desktop when I go back home once in a while. I don’t like to use office laptop to do my own things. You know…personal stuffs get scrambled and mixed with work stuffs.. Plus, you can’t just do anything you like on office laptop, can you? I definitely need a new computer and I want a 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro. I like MacBook since the white & black polycarbonate model and I really decided to get one when Apple launched the aluminium unibody models. With Apple just upgraded its MacBook Pros at WWDC last June and OS X Mountain Lion is already out there has never been a better time to get a new Mac. I hope I can get it within this year.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S III
    It is a great android phone! I followed every rumors I could find before its launch. I watched the launching video. I watched the ads. I amazed by its specs, features, design changes from earlier model, etc. I couldn’t wait until it arrives here to try it myself and when it finally did, I tried & played with it several times. It is a great phone! But it is not without complain, I felt that the phone is too big (or tall) to be used single-handedly, my thumb just couldn’t reach some area of the screen without moving the phone and, you know, risking to drop it. But that is only a minor “downside” if anything and I can live with that. My current phone is LG Optimus ME by the way, which has served me well so far.
  3. Micro SD card
    Galaxy S III has “only” 16 GB internal storage. That might be enough but since it comes with micro SD card slot why not use it? Who knows 16 GB will not be enough for me. 😉 Unfortunately micro SD card is not included in the retail package of GSIII so I have to get it separately. Here I want a micro SD card just in case the 16GB internal storage of the GSIII is not enough. (lebih…)