My 2011 Christmas

It’s this time of the year again. This Christmas is different because I’m in Kuala Lumpur now. This is the first time I spent Christmas overseas. I didn’t do any Christmas related activities such as decorating Christmas tree, sending Christmas card, etc etc. It’s just unnecessary and arguably impossible. Here the Christmas hype can only be felt in shopping malls and the radio. I thought I would spent this Christmas alone but so far the experience has been good. Last Friday I had company’s Christmas dinner with my colleagues in Tropicana Golf & Country Resort. There we exchanged gifts and I got a Sheaffer pen with my name engraved on it. I like it! Thanks Dennis! My gift is a stainless steel tumbler and that went to Mun Kent. After the dinner Sandip took me and 2 other colleagues to The Social, a pub in Bangsar, before took us home. We played pool and drank a bottle of beer. (Just one bottle, honest! :-p )

Some company staffs take picture together

Christmas dinner photo

On Saturday morning Santi flew back to Jakarta. She has just came back when I’m writing this. Fadly, my roommate, went back to his parent house in Selayang as usual.  Sharon went out with her friend which stayed overnight in her room this last 2 night. So it left me alone in my apartment. I just did some cleaning and in the evening I attended Christmas Eve mass in St. Francis Xavier in Petaling Jaya with Joe Kit, Felicia and her friend Steven. Funny thing is it was Joe Kit—who is still in the process to become a Catholic—that asked me to attend that mass. If not because of him I would have attended Christmas day mass at another church, alone. So, thanks Joe Kit!

On the Christmas day itself I continue my cleaning and in the afternoon Felicia whatsapp me asking whether I want to attend mass and watch Sherlock Holmes after that. So be it, I indeed want to watch Sherlock Holmes and it’s good to attend another mass, isn’t it? After the mass, Joe Kit took us to A Wet Thai Cafe where we ate pork neck. I have heard about how delicious this pork neck is from Dea but don’t have the opportunity to try it until yesterday. The pork neck was nice but not as super duper delicious as I imagined before. It was just nice. They just exaggerating about it I think. After dinner we went to IOI Mall to watch Sherlock Holmes. I still consider it a great sequel even though I occasionally found myself hardly catch the dialogs in the movie because I couldn’t understand the Malay & Chinese subtitles so I could only depend on my hearing. It was a great night after all.

grilled pork neck

grilled pork neck

And today I just stay at home the whole day, ironed my clothes, read book, lazying… I didn’t even go out to buy food, Sharon bought my dinner. :-p And that’s all for my Christmas in Kuala Lumpur this year. At last, Merry Christmas everyone!!



Siapa yang Salah?

Gue inget dulu waktu gue pulang kerja gue liat tulisan di jembatan penyeberangan di atas tol yang isinya

Pemberi dan penerima suap sama-sama melanggar hukum.

Abis baca itu terbesit di pikiran gue, “penegak hukumnya?“

Gemana kalo penegak hukumnya membiarkan orang memberi dan menerima suap? Ada ga ya hukum yang mewajibkan penegak hukum menindak pemberi dan penerima suap? Gemana pendapat Anda?

Between My Mother and My Wife

Yesterday I was asked a question like this:

“You are in a boat with your wife & your mother, the boat is sinking quickly. You can swim but your wife & your mother can’t swim. You can only take one person with you. Who would you take?”

My first reaction after hearing this question is “OK..this is kinda like those illustrations in the book 101 Ethical Dilemmas” and I was silent for a while.. That was a really hard choice. If I really have to choose that is really really hard.. But then I answered I would take my mom. Being asked why, I answered “because without my mom I couldn’t be what I am today. I love both my wife and my mom but my mom is my priority.”

Honestly there was a split second when I thought I would take my wife because I thought that was realistic for the sake of human race continuation (you know, regeneration, reproduction.. that kind of things). I assumed my mom is older than my wife and my wife has a (arguably) longer future ahead etc etc.. If you watched “I, Robot” starring Will Smith you might know what I’m trying to say here. But then again, my answer to that question at that time was I choose my mother.

Back home, when I was in bed trying to sleep that question popped in my mind again.. I thought.. and rethought.. then I changed my mind. I think that it doesn’t matter whoever I choose to take I will lose someone I love in the end. And I don’t like that. I would rather spend the last minutes of my life together with them rather than spend the rest of my life losing one of them. So my final answer (up until I write this post) is I would be in the boat with my wife & my mother and.. you know.. sink (read: die) together. You may call that pathetic, ironic, selfish, or whatever.. but that is my answer. What do you think?

Gladi Resik Wisuda

Abis makan siang & kerja bentar gue ke Jakarta Convention Center buat ngikutin gladi resik wisuda yang mule jam 5 sore (kayaknya jadwal gladi resik disesuaiin ama jadwal wisuda deh). Tadinya gue mau ke sono naik kereta tapi karena jadwal keretanya ga ada yang cocok jadi gue ke sono naik bik Trans Bintaro. Gue jalan kaki dari gedung Bank Permata ke Bintaro Junction, beli tiketnya Rp 11.000, trus nunggu bisnya berangkat. Jam 3an bis nya berangkat, dan sebelomnya gue uda rencanain mau turun di Senayan City trus naik bis 102 buat ke JCC tapi gue baca-baca rutenya dan liat Google Maps kayaknya gue bisa turun di tempat yang lebih deket buat ke JCC. Setelah tanya kenek & penumpang laen akhirnya gue turun di FX.

Tiket Trans Bintaro Jaya

Abis turun di FX gue kebelet, jadi masuk FX dulu buat kencing.. hahahaha.. 😆 Abis itu berdasarkan petunjuk dari Google Maps gue jalan kaki ke JCC lewat dalem komplek Gelora Bung Karno gitu. Kalo mau naik angkot dari FX ke JCC gue juga ga tau sih jadi mending jalan kaki aja ikutin peta.

Sampe di JCC gue masuk lewat pintu yang tulisannya “Wisuda 44 Binus” trus gue ketemu temen-temen kuliah gue.. Padahal baru ga ketemu beberapa bulan doank tapi kami ngobrolnya udah panjang lebar. Tanyain kabar, tanyain kerja, dll dll.. Pertanyaan-pertanyaan & obrolan-obrolan standar mahasiswa yang baru lulus lah. Hahaha.. Gue ikut seneng sebagian besar temen gue udah kerja, ada yang di bank, di perusahaan TI, di Binus, bantuin sodara, dll.. (lebih…)

Saatnya Telah Tiba

Setelah mendapatkan cuti dengan proses yang berbelit-belit dan tidak jelas akhirnya hari yang ditunggu-tunggu tiba. Bulan Agustus tahun lalu gue bantuin nyokap gue beli tiket AirAsia lewat internet dan hampir setahun kemudian, besok, gue akan berangkat ke Singapura.

Nyokap uda menyuruh gue bikin jadwal perjalannya dari jauh-jauh hari tapi gue lom bener-bener cari tau n bikin ampe minggu lalu. Nyokap mungkin uda kesel & capek nyuruh-nyuruh gue jadi dia sendiri yang bikin jadwal akhirnya. Begitu gue kasih liat jadwal yang gue bikin kami sedikit berdebat tentang beberapa perbedaan jadwal. Jadwal gue cukup padat, banyak ngunjungin tempat-tempat yang menurut nyokap gue “tidak penting“ dan pastinya menghabiskan uang lebih banyak dari pada jadwal nyokap. Jadwal nyokap lebih santai dan mempertimbangkan gaya jalan-jalan orang lainnya. Gue bikin jadwal untuk gue dan gue rela jalan lebih capek & ngeluarin duit lebih banyak untuk mendapatkan pengalaman yang ga bisa didapat di Jakarta. Buat gue jalan-jalan itu adalah tentang mengalami dan menikmati. Gue ga peduli ama orang lain, kalo ga cocok ama gaya jalan-jalan gue ya silakan memisahkan diri dan jalan-jalan sendiri.

TAPI.. karena ini nyokap gue dan yang ikut jalan-jalan ada sodara juga jadi gue masih mau kompromi sedikit. Dan kalo diliat jadwal gue memang kurang memungkinkan kalo jalan-jalan dalam rombongan besar seperti kali ini.

Hotel udah dipesen nyokap berbulan-bulan lalu, uang Singapur udah ditukar, tiket Universal Studio udah dibeli, baju udah dikemas, paspor dan kartu imigrasi udah disiapkan. Palingan tinggal hal-hal kecil lain yang masih harus disiapin. Mudah-mudahan jalan-jalan kali ini bisa menyenangkan & memuaskan. Amin! 😀

Dompet Baru

Udah lama gue pengen beli dompet baru tapi ga pernah kesampean karena gue males nyari dan dompet gue sekarang masih bisa dipake meskipun kondisinya makin lama makin memprihatinkan.

Akhirnya gue ga perlu nyari dompet lagi karena waktu Paskah kemaren nyokap gue ngasih dompet yang dititipin bokap buat gue.

Dompetnya punya banyak lipetan dan selipan kartu jadi gue suka, dan gratis pula. Gue anggep ini sebagai hadiah paskah dari bokap. Hahaha..


I‘m Going Mobile

This is a test post from my new LG Optimus Me android phone. I‘m using the wordpress for android app. And all I can say now is that it’s such a different experience blogging on a small screen. Typing is particularly slower. I’ve tried various keyboard layouts & techniques. I‘ve tried qwerty, candy bar, word suggestions, t9 and I just can‘t find any that comforts me. Hope this gets better over time or maybe I should save more money and go for a bigger screen phone.
The wordpress app seems alright to me though I haven‘t tried everything on it which I guess will elevate my overall impression.
I don‘t know if I could blog more now I have wordpress in my hands. We‘ll see if I could bear this small screen and uncomfortable typing.