Things I Currently Want

I’ve abandoned my blog for a while now.. I dug in my long list of drafts and found a post about things that I wanted back in 2009. So I thought why not finish this and update it with the things that I want now. Then I realized an interesting thing about that list (more about that later) and I decide to write a new list from scratch.

Here is the things that I want (not in any particular order) and why:

  1. Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro
    My desktop computer in Jakarta will be 9 years old this July. (Can you believe it?!) It is my first and only computer I have ever had so far and it already amazed me that it is still running after all this years. Now I work in Kuala Lumpur I use my office laptop all the time and only use that old desktop when I go back home once in a while. I don’t like to use office laptop to do my own things. You know…personal stuffs get scrambled and mixed with work stuffs.. Plus, you can’t just do anything you like on office laptop, can you? I definitely need a new computer and I want a 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro. I like MacBook since the white & black polycarbonate model and I really decided to get one when Apple launched the aluminium unibody models. With Apple just upgraded its MacBook Pros at WWDC last June and OS X Mountain Lion is already out there has never been a better time to get a new Mac. I hope I can get it within this year.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S III
    It is a great android phone! I followed every rumors I could find before its launch. I watched the launching video. I watched the ads. I amazed by its specs, features, design changes from earlier model, etc. I couldn’t wait until it arrives here to try it myself and when it finally did, I tried & played with it several times. It is a great phone! But it is not without complain, I felt that the phone is too big (or tall) to be used single-handedly, my thumb just couldn’t reach some area of the screen without moving the phone and, you know, risking to drop it. But that is only a minor “downside” if anything and I can live with that. My current phone is LG Optimus ME by the way, which has served me well so far.
  3. Micro SD card
    Galaxy S III has “only” 16 GB internal storage. That might be enough but since it comes with micro SD card slot why not use it? Who knows 16 GB will not be enough for me. 😉 Unfortunately micro SD card is not included in the retail package of GSIII so I have to get it separately. Here I want a micro SD card just in case the 16GB internal storage of the GSIII is not enough.
  4. Asus Nexus 7 16GB
    Google just announced a first Nexus tablet made in partnership with Asus at Google IO last June. The shape, size & weight are great! The hardware is great too and even though it has no rear camera, no GSM connectivity and no micro SD card slot it is still a great tablet because the price is amazing!! The 16 GB model is sold for $249 (tax excluded) in the US and even though it will certainly be more expensive elsewhere (like in Canada, UK and Australia so far) it is still much much better choice than other tablets out there. It is really a tablet with the best value for money available to date. Plus, it runs “pure” android which makes me want it more.
  5. Yamaha Silent Guitar
    I want a silent guitar because of its portability and of course its quietness. When I moved to Kuala Lumpur last year I brought along my guitar with me. I had it strapped with plastic like a mummy and put the fragile tag on it. I was worried of letting my guitar go into the “baggage adventure” not knowing what would happen to it. And even though it was sitting nicely in its own trolley when I claimed my baggage—probably getting the “fragile special treatment”—I will surely avoid bringing a guitar on a plane again if I could.
    Bringing guitar is one thing, playing it is another. I stay with 3 other colleagues and I don’t feel comfortable of they hear my practice. They never complaint or say anything about it so far but I just want to make sure my practice will not disturb them or cause any inconvenience. So I think a silent guitar will suit my condition. It is compact, easy to carry anywhere even to the plane cabin and it is very quiet, I can practice late night or early in the morning, I can practice anytime!
  6. 1 TB portable external hard drive
    I lost my 500GB hard drive on KTM train. It was stolen but it was late when I realized it. So I need a hard drive to replace the stolen one. I want 1TB this time to store more data. After watching this video of a friend putting a Silicon Power A80 under some extreme tests I sort of think of having a rugged hard drive like that too!
  7. Backpack
    I have used my current backpack for 4 years now. It has a big main compartment and lots of pockets, I like it. One of the straps had ripped but was fixed by my mom. Beside that, the bottom of the laptop sleeve inside also has torn. I can still use it now but the seam my mom made is starting to break gradually and I am afraid the strap could tear again anytime. So it’s better to get the spare backpack ready. And talking about ready, I have bought a new backpack last week when I came back to Jakarta. I bought a JanSport Right Pack Monochrome (TYU7). It is more expensive than other backpacks but they say JanSport backpacks are long-lasting & durable. I hope that’s true.
  8. A better job
    I’ve been working in KL for almost a year. I learn a new (for me) IT area called business intelligence. The pay is also good. But I miss programming. I always want to be able to create my own software. I want to make an Android app as a start so I have to deepen my programming skills. I try to catch up by learn it by myself, from Deitel’s book, from Android developer site, but with my job now I hardly have a time to really pursue it. I want a job that can deepen my programming / application development skills in an enjoyable & supportive environment. I have applied for a job at a multinational company in Jakarta and have been through the first interview. I still need to go through few interviews, lets hope I can get this job!
  9. Running shoes
    I want to be healthier than I am now and for that I want to start working out. I currently have no sport shoes, I don’t have any sport shoes since I graduated from high school. LOL! I want a pair of running / training shoes that are comfortable and suitable for any surfaces: indoor, outdoor, anything.. so that I can work out anywhere. I don’t have any preferences now but I heard Adidas Supernova Glide and Nike Lunarglide+ are great shoes. After all, any brand or model will be fine for me as long as it is comfortable, durable and affordable.

So, those are the things that I wanted that I can think of right now. I tried to make it 10 but I can’t. Sure I’ll want another things as time goes by or I might end up not wanting some of the things above anymore but I like to list down the things that I want so that I can see my target clearly. And this is also a way for letting others know what I want without me telling it directly or shouting about it to everyone. Hopefully some of you who read this could fulfill my wishes. Fingers crossed! ;-D


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