My 2011 Christmas

It’s this time of the year again. This Christmas is different because I’m in Kuala Lumpur now. This is the first time I spent Christmas overseas. I didn’t do any Christmas related activities such as decorating Christmas tree, sending Christmas card, etc etc. It’s just unnecessary and arguably impossible. Here the Christmas hype can only be felt in shopping malls and the radio. I thought I would spent this Christmas alone but so far the experience has been good. Last Friday I had company’s Christmas dinner with my colleagues in Tropicana Golf & Country Resort. There we exchanged gifts and I got a Sheaffer pen with my name engraved on it. I like it! Thanks Dennis! My gift is a stainless steel tumbler and that went to Mun Kent. After the dinner Sandip took me and 2 other colleagues to The Social, a pub in Bangsar, before took us home. We played pool and drank a bottle of beer. (Just one bottle, honest! :-p )

Some company staffs take picture together

Christmas dinner photo

On Saturday morning Santi flew back to Jakarta. She has just came back when I’m writing this. Fadly, my roommate, went back to his parent house in Selayang as usual.  Sharon went out with her friend which stayed overnight in her room this last 2 night. So it left me alone in my apartment. I just did some cleaning and in the evening I attended Christmas Eve mass in St. Francis Xavier in Petaling Jaya with Joe Kit, Felicia and her friend Steven. Funny thing is it was Joe Kit—who is still in the process to become a Catholic—that asked me to attend that mass. If not because of him I would have attended Christmas day mass at another church, alone. So, thanks Joe Kit!

On the Christmas day itself I continue my cleaning and in the afternoon Felicia whatsapp me asking whether I want to attend mass and watch Sherlock Holmes after that. So be it, I indeed want to watch Sherlock Holmes and it’s good to attend another mass, isn’t it? After the mass, Joe Kit took us to A Wet Thai Cafe where we ate pork neck. I have heard about how delicious this pork neck is from Dea but don’t have the opportunity to try it until yesterday. The pork neck was nice but not as super duper delicious as I imagined before. It was just nice. They just exaggerating about it I think. After dinner we went to IOI Mall to watch Sherlock Holmes. I still consider it a great sequel even though I occasionally found myself hardly catch the dialogs in the movie because I couldn’t understand the Malay & Chinese subtitles so I could only depend on my hearing. It was a great night after all.

grilled pork neck

grilled pork neck

And today I just stay at home the whole day, ironed my clothes, read book, lazying… I didn’t even go out to buy food, Sharon bought my dinner. :-p And that’s all for my Christmas in Kuala Lumpur this year. At last, Merry Christmas everyone!!



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