Between My Mother and My Wife

Yesterday I was asked a question like this:

“You are in a boat with your wife & your mother, the boat is sinking quickly. You can swim but your wife & your mother can’t swim. You can only take one person with you. Who would you take?”

My first reaction after hearing this question is “OK..this is kinda like those illustrations in the book 101 Ethical Dilemmas” and I was silent for a while.. That was a really hard choice. If I really have to choose that is really really hard.. But then I answered I would take my mom. Being asked why, I answered “because without my mom I couldn’t be what I am today. I love both my wife and my mom but my mom is my priority.”

Honestly there was a split second when I thought I would take my wife because I thought that was realistic for the sake of human race continuation (you know, regeneration, reproduction.. that kind of things). I assumed my mom is older than my wife and my wife has a (arguably) longer future ahead etc etc.. If you watched “I, Robot” starring Will Smith you might know what I’m trying to say here. But then again, my answer to that question at that time was I choose my mother.

Back home, when I was in bed trying to sleep that question popped in my mind again.. I thought.. and rethought.. then I changed my mind. I think that it doesn’t matter whoever I choose to take I will lose someone I love in the end. And I don’t like that. I would rather spend the last minutes of my life together with them rather than spend the rest of my life losing one of them. So my final answer (up until I write this post) is I would be in the boat with my wife & my mother and.. you know.. sink (read: die) together. You may call that pathetic, ironic, selfish, or whatever.. but that is my answer. What do you think?



  1. Fair enough…
    But can u take both of them? Till u tired and cant make it anymore. Hope someone will rescue all of u, instead u just wait on boat till it sink and die together (so waste to sacrifice 3 lifes just bcoz of ur own decision). Coz no one knows what will heppen next.. And how if u have a son/daughter? Will u willing to leave ur wife and take ur mom? Or what if ur mom willing to sacrifice her self and want u to take ur wife instead of her self? Watch out! Ur decision not only affect ur life or just to fullfill ur own moral.. Ur decision was also affect the other’s life..
    Coz life is not matter of good or bad, but it matter of right or wrong. Keep FIGHTING!!! ; )

  2. I know its really very very hard to choose one but I would like to say only one thing, if i faced such like your situation, i definitely take both of them and tried more and more till some one come to help us.If not then i take my mother because Mother is only women who birth me.

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