Facebook is Eventually Forcing Its New Profile (Again)

FacebookEvery time Facebook changes its layout there are pros & cons. I guess the cons is almost always more than the pros. And even if people complaining about it Facebook always delivers those changes without giving us the option to keep using the current one. It always comes in this cycle: Facebook change its layout – people complain – people stop complaining – Facebook change its layout (again) – people complain (again) – and so on…

The same happens this time. Facebook has launched the new profile for quite a time. The time it launched people were given the option to use this new profile but as a lot of people suddenly found it was a no-turning-back option. That’s why I keep using the “old” profile because I know sooner or later Facebook will push this new profile to everyone.

And that time has come. Today I logged on to Facebook and saw a banner written:

Coming Soon: Your New Profile
In the next few days you’ll be upgraded to the new profile, which offers more ways to show and tell your story.
with the option to update now or to learn more. This is it.. Ready or not.. Want it or not.. The new profile is coming. It says “more ways to show and tell your story”, it’s true..even if you don’t want to. And it also means less way not to share. We’ll see wheter I’ll like the new profile or not. I’ve seen my friends’ new profile but seeing & using are two different things, aren’t they? 😉

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