A New Definition of True Friend

After some experiences I came up with a new meaning of friend in my mind. For me, a true friend is someone who will be there for you when you ask them to hang out suddently / out of nowhere / without any plan before / immediately, etc.. you get the idea! Plus those who gives reason why they can’t come & join you. At least they respond to your invitation rather than ignore it.

Of course that definition is not really true & doesn’t mean to apply to every situation but at least for me it’s true for most situation. And I think that definition is simple yet cool! LOL.. And it complies to the more-known definition of true friend—some who will be there for you when you need him / her (including hang out together).

I like to hanging out without any planning before. I know most of my friends are already working now and I understand that most people have their own activities and people need to adjust their time to be there with you but I still think hanging out without a plan is fun & more exciting! That’s what hanging out means anyway.

To all of my friends, those who are easy to be asked to go and those who ignored my invitations, I love you all! Thanks for being my friends all this time! To all my friends whose invitation I have ever rejected or ignored, I’m sorry! Like you, I also have my own businesses and I can’t be available all the time just to hang out with you. 😀


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