Bulan: Mei 2010

About Me and This Blog

As you may realized (or as I actually realized for a long time) my effort to keep this blog filled with new posts is weaker and weaker and weaker.. Some because I’ve been busy and the internet is sucks.. Well, you know it’s me making excuses..

The real reason is I’m to lazy to write something. Not that I don’t have anything to write, I have a lot of actually—my life, my ideas, my feelings—but you know it takes a lot if time for me to write and publish even a single post (I think I’m not a good writer / blogger.. yet) and most of the time when I couldn’t make it in one shot the post I was writing would end in the draft and would stay there for a loooong time. As the time goes by I have no longer interest to write about it anymore. So yeah.. that makes my blog the way it is now..

The internet thing is also true.. Once I came up with something and wanna write it but the internet acting up that it makes my mood bad and you know the rest of the story…