First Week of Seventh Semester

The first week of seventh semester has passed and it seems that this semester is gonna be tough (you’ll know why)! I get like the “All Star” lecturers of Binus University, meaning that they are (probably) the best in their field Binus has (at least that’s what I got from the first impression). Not that I always get poor lecturers before but it looks like they, not like most of my previous lecturers, are very serious and kinda “frightening” since the beginning. But yeah, who don’t do that! Every lecturer always try to afraid us in the beginning! Well..we’ll see!

So, here are little summary of my first week!

Monday – Computer Networks
This is the first day and it’s hard to face the fact that I have to deal with Jakarta’s TERRIBLE HORRIBLE traffic again EVERYDAY! It’s worst because I take the public bus. (I will NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER get used to this traffic!!!) My class is at 9.20 am to 1 pm. And because this is the first day I DIDN’T come late! Yeaaayy! 😀 But in order to do that I have to wake up really early. (=_= Zz) Thanks to the bad traffic I already mentioned!

The lecturer is Mr. Jonathan Lukas who was my lecturer in the first semester for Introduction to Information Technology. I’m fine with him but from what I experienced I have to be careful on the exam! He said that Computer Networks is what he masters best so he asked us to be serious and pay attention in class and we’ll learn a lot from him. He reminded us of his class’s rules & behaviours and he also asked us to do all the assignments on binusmaya… Uhh!

Character Building 4

I supposed to have lab at 7.20 am (isn’t that crazy!) but lab always starts on the second week so I didn’t have to wake up at 5 am this week. The next class, Character Building 4, is at 9.20 am and I came late! (boo!) When I entered the class I saw the lecturer was a tall almost bald man. It turned out that he is Mr. Antonius Athosoki Gea, one of the authors of this course text book. So, we will learn about relation with the world (whatever that means) and he talked about ethics. Well, not as deep as you probably imagine. It was mostly about definitions & terms about ethics. He asked us to discuss about environmental damage & conservation in the binusmaya discussion forum as the first assignment! Great, I got an assignment on the second day! (-.-; )

Language & Automata Theory
Right after Character Building 4 is Language & Automata Theory and I didn’t know what this is about at all. The lecturer is Mr. Leo something… I forget his name… :p He is young and from what he talked I’m sure he graduated from somewhere abroad (lulusan luar negeri). He started the lecture with a lot of class rules and requirements for submitting assignments & homeworks homeworks “>blah blah blah and he said that there’s gonna be a lot of assignments and homeworks in his class. Somehow I think he is like a robot. His appearance and the way he speaks… I don’t know… Maybe it’s just me! When he started the lesson he just read the power point and I totally had no idea what he was talking about! Oh, and he gave us homework too!

Wednesday – Quality Control Statistics
I supposed to have lab too (at 7.20 am again!). After lab is Quality Control Statistics and… I came late again! But it’s OK, I was still considered Attend (hadir)! hahaha… The lecturer is Mr. Makmur Bukit which I think is a weird name because makmur means “prosperous” and bukit means “hill” so his name would means “prosperous hill”. 😐 He is old and he seems nice. That day we learnt about quality, the definitions, dimensions, and so on. He gave us homework to explain about one of the dimensions of quality. Three days of new semester with three homeworks… Nice…

Multimedia Systems
Somewhat.. I keep repeating my old bad habit of coming late. Even though I was coming with Indra that day (Merry left her helmet to me so I could use it). The lecturer looked fine when I & Indra entered the class but when more & more students showed up late it’s obvious that she didn’t like late students, not like those who don’t care about students coming late. Her name is Ms. Adriani Halim. She began the class talking about rules and stuff (again… too many rules!!). And it also clear that she wants us to pay full attention during the lecturer. What a strict person! After the class Dea told me that she is the IDC leader (which means she is really good at multimedia) and she is actually a nice person and she gives score objectively. Hmm.. that’s a good thing! Just wait & see…

Expert Systems
The next class is Expert Systems. I had no idea who the lecturer would be and it turned out to be Mr. Tri Djoko Wahjono, my previous lecturer for Algorithm Design & Analysis and Artificial Intelligent and one of the senior lecturer of Binus University. So this is my third class with him. So far I like him. Btw, he got his master degree in US which add another argument to this “All Star” lecturer. He gave us what he called “pop quiz” about something like defining family tree or something… I forget.. hahaha…

Friday – Computer Architecture & Organization
Did I come late this time? NOO! 😀 The lecturer is Mr. Handi Muljorejo and apparently Merry recognized him as her friend’s dad. What a small world! Like others, he talked about stuff in his class blah blah.. He said he has taught this course for years (so he is another senior lecturer). It looks like this course is gonna be hard. >.<

Saturday – Applied Geometry 2
Yes, I know what you are thinking! I DO HAVE class on saturday on the worst time ever, 1 pm to 5 pm!! That’s lame I know but blame Binus since I didn’t arrange my own schedule! The lecturer is Mr. Sangadji, the same lecturer I have on Applied Geometry 1. I have no doubt on his skill because he has all bachelor, master, and Ph.D degree in mathematics! Plus he got his master & Ph.D in US! What can be better than that?! But the thing is he has some difficulty or I can say “different way” in communicating with us (like any genius in the world has). I know he is a nice person but the whole class barely understand what he’s trying to teach. Like how he turns the simple thing to looks like a difficult complex concept what so ever. And he said that the exam will be open book (not like the previous Applied Geometry 1) which indicate this course is gonna be hard!

So that’s my first week of this semester and with lecturers of that qualificaton and demand such a high expectation this semester gonna be a lot of work & effort! Other things I noticed are the attending system now uses our binusian flazz card and apparently Binus now has “megastore” on the 1st floor which I barely seen… What the heck happened to my university?!?!?


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