I’m still here

In the begining of July, I wrote that I want to write my experiences in Taiwan in this blog. But the fact is I’ve abandoned my blog for a long time, not because I’m not using it anymore but it’s more because I only had limited time to access the internet back at Shida. And just for you know, it takes me a lot of time just to write a single post. Plus after I left Shida I went to Hong Kong & Macau and I’m totally lost contact with the internet.

I’ve been home for a few days now, have a lot of flexibility to online anytime but still I’ve never log on to my blog…until now. Well.. I still want to write down my summer trip in Taiwan as much as I can remember but the problem mostly is I don’t know how and what to write. I had difficulties to express my mind, even when I wrote in Bahasa Indonesia. And now I’m trying to write my blog post in English. So obviously it’s harder than before. Let’s hope I can accomplish my “mission”! LOL


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