OCAC Language Study Program – Typhoon Day

Because typhoon is coming to Taiwan so we didn’t have class today BUT we can’t go outside the building AT ALL. The weather was not as bad as I thought. It was rain since last night (untill tonight) with heavy wind blew. It’s kinda creepy if you heard the sound of the wind from the window. I saw in the news the weather was much worst in Taichung. Luckyly, nothing bad happened here.

So…here are what I did in this “Typhoon Day”. I slept at 3 am last night because I helped Henry wrote a message to Cathy, our xiao lao shi, and I woke up at 11, had tuna burger for breakfast, went online for a while untill the lunch arrived, and then had bian dang for lunch. After that, I went to Alex’s room to played his guitar cause I hadn’t practice since I’m here. I practiced some pieces, talked about guitar with him, watched some guitar videos on youtube, and listened to my new Andrés Segovia CDs that I bought few days ago at Eslite Book Store. Btw, we all got a set of snacks for this typhoon day. I was there untill about 5 pm and then I went to auditorium to watch movies. I watched “Taken” and then had J & K Restaurant’s niu rou fan that I ordered before for dinner. J & K was the only option for dinner. Maybe because only them that provided delivery today. At night, I played DotA at the computer lab, went to my xiao mei mei a.k.a Tiffany’s room to chat, learnt how to play ma jiang in the basement and now I’m going to sleep. Well it’s kinda boring day but it’s not that bad. Night!


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  1. Hello! I came to your blog by googling “OCAC language study program.” I’m attending this summer and was wondering if you could provide me with some more of your experiences because I’m not so sure what to expect. Thanks!

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