OCAC Language Study Program – Day 1 – Part 1

So, from now on until mid August I will write about my experience in Taipei joining OCAC Language Study Program. For those who want to know what is that, I maybe will write about this program later. And because I never write my blog in English before I want to write it in English this time so that my english speaking friends can read it too. If you find any mistakes (typo, wrong grammar, incorrect words or terms, etc) just let me know! 🙂

Day 1 – July 7th, 2009

This program actually started on July 6th but because I still had my final exam on that day (thx to my damn university! 😦 )  I couldn’t come on time. So, I missed everything on the first day: the Opening Ceremony & the Introduction.

The Flight
I used China Airlines, my flight was free because my mom works there. 😀 My flight to Taipei was on 6.30 am. I woke up at 5 am, got prepared and then went to the airport. Followed all the procedures etc etc. The total journey took about 7 hours: 4 hours flight to Hong Kong, 1 hour transit, 1 hour flight to Taipei, and add another 1 hour for the procedures and so on. I usually like the meals they served but today the meals were  so bad. They served niu rou fan (rice with beef) on the flight to Hong Kong and a kind of noodle (I forget what they called it) on the flight to Taipei and I didn’t like those at all. When I was in Hong Kong for transit I kinda had a rush to the plane because somewhat I couldn’t find a store to buy a drink. I wandered around just to find that the convienient store is located near my flight gate. But in that short transit time I managed to online (using the airport computer near my gate) to cheked my email & posted some tweets. Hahaha..

I arrived in Taipei at about 3 pm local time (there’s 1 hour time difference between Jakarta & Taipei) and when I passed through the temperature scanner, the officer from the CDC (Centre for Desease Control) called me and dragged me out of the line. I don’t know what happened but I think it because my body appeared red  on the monitor. You know, this swine flu things make every country cautious and Taiwan is very strict about deseases. The officer took me to a small room nearby, asked me some questions (where do you come from, where have you been in last 10 days, do you have chicken or duck in your house, etc), filled some forms, took my blood sample, etc etc. After that I was given a mask & mosquito repellent. This “interogation” took about an hour. I was a little scary and I worried whether I still can join this language program. Fortunately, everything is OK!

Journey to NTNU
After those “medical check up”, all I was thinking about is to get to NTNU as fast as possible cause I don’t wanna be the one stucked in the airport and being suspected as a swine flu infected person. NTNU had sent me the letter of admission in which they wrote the instruction of how to get to the NTNU. I followed the instruction, I took south exit, bought a Guo Guang Bus ticket for NTD 125 to go to Taipei Main Station. After arrived in Taipei Main Station I had to take MRT to NTNU. Luckily in the bus I met 2 girls that wanted to go to place near NTNU and they kindly helped me to get to NTNU. I followed them until the Guting Station (which is the same station as in the letter) and they told me to take exit 5 and they went to another exit. Actually how to get to NTNU was clearly written in the letter so I think I can get there myself even if I didn’t met those 2 girls. After went out of the Guting Station I walked down the street about 15 minutes and I finally arrived in NTNU. 😀



  1. Hello i’m Rico from Makassar. I’ll be participating in Taiwan Study Tour in July 2016.

    Mungkin bisa bagi info dan cerita selama di Taiwan itu ngapain aja dan berapa lama di sana? 🙂

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